The weather is finally cooling down! With the crisp air comes the joyous time of Halloween. Dressing up like someone else and getting a bunch a free candy to boot is such a great way to kick off the holidays! One of the best things about Halloween is how the community bands together to give goodies to one another. A new tradition that I’ve noticed of late is to “Boo” your neighbor. We booed the folks across the way from us with treats for their pets and goodies for the humans. It was great way to teach my kid that it isn’t just about what you’ll be getting, but that you can spread joy by giving to those around you. I love that I live in a neighborhood that will give generously to my kid come Halloween night. He’ll have enough candy to last a few months.  

At the library we love to spread the joy of Halloween to our patrons. This year we are continuing virtual story times and will have take home crafts to give out during Halloween week. We also plan to award four ginormous candy trophies to four lucky kids who entered either the coloring or writing contest! We have boxes of candy bags ready to hand out to each kid who visits the library Halloween week. Make sure to stop by for treats!  

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