The book A Shot at Normal by Marisa Reichardt tells a tale of a teen at odds with the beliefs of her parents. Juniper Jade has always followed her parents homeschool, all-organic lifestyle and she is ready for a change. She is sixteen and wants to go to the public high school. She wants a cell phone and friends her age. She wants to see more of Nico, the cute boy who works at the library. She wants store-bought toothpaste, shampoo, and deodorant instead of the concoctions her mom makes. And after the unthinkable happens, she wants all her vaccinations.

Juniper reminds me of teens who are ready for some independence from their parents. She does not agree with her parents’ no vaccines rule. She knows it would be easier to wait until she turns eighteen, but she is afraid.

The relevant plot about vaccines and anti-vaxxers is a timely topic. Juniper consults with a doctor and considers the pros and cons of getting vaccines. She loves her parents but wants the right to take care of her own health. Will Juniper get her vaccines? Read this topical novel to find out.




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