Now is the time to shorten your showers and tighten those leaky faucets, because how much water you use over the next three months will determine how much you’re going to pay for sewer the rest of the year.

From December through February, the Utility Billing department will monitor how much water is being used for all activities causing water consumption such as showering, flushing toilets and washing clothes on each metered household. (Commercial and Apartment accounts are not included in the winter-averaging program).

The average will determine the amount the city will charge each household, on an individual basis, for wastewater for the next 12 months starting April 1.

December, January and February are the consumption months that the monitoring will be taking place (This is the January, February, and March statements respectively). Once the month’s consumptions have been established the new average will appear on the April billing. The city uses these winter months to average the billing rates to better reflect the actual amount of wastewater a household produces, due to the drastic decrease in outside watering, filling pools, etc.

By Jill Stottlemire
Utility Accounting Manager


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