The original article was posted February 20, 2019. The company resurfaced on community social media feeds again in mid June 2019, and now in August 2019.

The City of Duncanville’s water is safe to drink, but opportunists are trying to convince residents otherwise.

The City of Duncanville has received several reports regarding recent social media posts from a company called “Test My Water”. The posts target unsuspecting residents with sensational claims and graphics about water, then offers free in-home water tests. The company works through third party vendors to provide water tests, who then up-sell residents with water filtration products and services.

“Duncanville water is tested daily throughout the city to ensure safety, and our drinking water exceeds all county, state and federal drinking water standards,” said Public Works Director Greg Ramey. “Duncanville residents should be wary of anyone trying to sell products or services that are not initiated by the homeowner.”

Duncanville drinking water continues to be rated as “superior” by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. For more information regarding water quality, or to have a City of Duncanville Water Utilities professional test your water, please call 972-780-4900.

This company and related partners are not working on behalf of the City, and do not have permission to use the City logo, letterhead or other City branding. Residents are encouraged to be careful with online advertising from “Test My Water” and other unsolicited water filtration businesses.

The drinking water alerts first surfaced a couple years ago, and several cities have published warnings about the activity:

Haltom City: