So many things in this world seem wrong to many people in many different ways. There are so many different viewpoints on how things ought to be done and how life ought to be lived. Some believe their freedoms are being trampled on by others. Others view people different from themselves as dangerous, and not worthy. Some trust the government or at least some of the elected officials, others think the government should barely exist at all.

In the book 1984 by George Orwell, the government looms large and ominous. Big brother is everywhere you are. There is no freedom of movement or thought. Everywhere there are screens watching your every move, scrutinizing every facial tic and word uttered. People often disappear for unknown reasons. In this world, the government is constantly  changing written history so that only the narrative they want is available. There is no truth to things;  everyone is made to believe a lie. If you question anything, you  will get found out and tortured to believe nonsense like 2+2=5. This book gets you to think that when we have dishonest officials spreading a false narrative, the world can get very dangerous indeed. What is truth and what are we to believe?  Who is right and true and looking to serve you and the greater good? Reading this book, I was reminded to be careful of what I take in and what I believe to be true. Indeed, everyone should, so that we do not descend into a chaotic world, like what is portrayed in 1984.

This book was fascinating, but there was not a happy ending. The book was full of misery and the misery was never ending.  So, if you do not like unhappy endings and you would rather not think about how bad things could really get, don’t read this book. If you would like to expand your thinking and world view,  this book is definitely worth a read.


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