Originally posted on January 6, 2017

During a winter weather event, the Street Department sands all bridges, major thoroughfare intersections, and streets around schools. Residential streets are not be sanded unless an emergency arises.

The Street Department has stockpiles of over 600 cubic yards of ice chat and 6 tons of Meltdown 20, for use in the event of freezing rain or snow. Meltdown 20 is a complex chloride coated with a high-performance liquid deicer. As a deicer, Meltdown 20 draws moisture from the ice, snow, and road surface, providing safer conditions for the traveling public.

In preparing for an actual event, the Street Department begins monitoring the weather a week in advance and checks all equipment to ensure is it in good working condition. Two days before the predicted winter weather event (freezing rain, sleet, or snow), they load one sander upon a dump truck with ice chat. If the Weather Channel or Local TV Stations continue predicting a major icing/snow event, they will load the remaining two trucks with sanders. Three two-man crews will be placed on 12-hour shifts until the major thoroughfare intersections, streets around schools, and bridges are safe for travel.

During this event, if signaled intersections become unsafe to stop, the Traffic Operations Department will program signal lights to change to four-way flash. The signals on the more heavily traveled street of the intersection are programmed to flash yellow and the signal on the less heavily traveled street flashes red. This remains in effect until intersections become safe for the traveling public.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding these procedures, please contact Kelly McChesney, Street Superintendent, at 972-780-4935.

Duncanville’s Equipment Services Division Plays an Essential Role

The Equipment Services Division of the Public Works Department plays an essential role during snow and ice weather events. It is not one that is seen directly by the public but is a behind the scenes role. Equipment Services support the more visible departments that the public sees during snow and ice conditions.

As a storm system approaches, Equipment Services keep in contact with the Streets, Fire, and Police Departments and begin preparing vehicles and equipment to be ready as the snow or ice starts to fall. This preparation includes assisting the Streets Department as they install the sand spreaders, coordinating with the Police Department to obtain three or four vehicles and install tire cables so the vehicles will be ready when the weather hits, and installing tire cables on the reserve ambulances to have on standby. As the weather comes in, Police move into the chained vehicles, and the installation of cables on the other Police units begins. Cables are also installed on Utility Billing Department and Water/Wastewater Department trucks for these services to continue normal operation.

In addition, Equipment Services provides staffing to repair and maintain vehicles and equipment around the clock during this time. They work closely with all City Departments to ensure the City can provide quality service to its citizens.

City’s Citizen Alert Emergency Notification System

The Duncanville Fire Department encourages all residents to stay informed about current winter weather events and take necessary precautions to be prepared for severe conditions well in advance.

A great way to be prepared is to register for the City’s citizen alert emergency notification system that will allow the City of Duncanville to send informational messages and emergency alerts about situations as they occur. Alerts can be received on multiple devices such as home phones, mobile devices, e-mail, and more. Click here to find out more information and sign up today!

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