Build a vibrant inclusive community driven by a commitment to democratic principles and service above self.


Build a vibrant, inclusive organization driven by a commitment to value added customer service.

Council Strategic Pillars

Re-Imagine High Quality of Life: Develop, maintain, and encourage safe, attractive, viable family-oriented neighborhoods that embrace diversity and pride, promoting economic vitality.

Emphasize Government Accountability, Customer Service, Efficiency, and Process Improvement: Develop a high-performing organization that encourages innovation, transparency, and collaboration while delivering exceptional customer service.

Promote Innovative Ideas for Development and Re-development: Pursue a diverse and robust economy through various business, housing, and employment opportunities that encourage forward-thinking community and economic development.

Develop Infrastructure Improvement Strategy: Ensure the viability and adaptability of the city’s infrastructure, facilities, and transportation network through thoughtful financial and long-term planning.

Advance Marketing Strategy of the City and Community Engagement Plan: Strengthen communication and engagement within the community while championing the City of Duncanville regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Duncanville City Council 2021

City Council Vision Statement:

Duncanville, a City of Champions, is a safe, vibrant, diverse community committed to excellence in education, business, and good governance.


On March 5, 2019, the Duncanville City Council formally adopted the FY 2019 Work Plan, which includes the Council’s Mission Statement and the Six Capstones. This Work Plan identifies the major work items, in alignment with the FY 2019 Budget that will guide City Staff to implement and achieve the goals of the City Council. In addition, it serves to define the allocation and funding through the FY 2019 annual budget to implement the established goals toward future growth and governance of the City of Duncanville.