First Last Job Title Department Phone
Agustin "Gus" Garcia Director of Economic Development 972-780-4997
Aretha Ferrell-Benavides City Manager (972) 780-5000
Breanna Davis Rental Property Registration Administrative Assistant 972-707-3891
Candace Garrett General Government
David Dunn Assistant Utilities Superintendent Public Works 972-780-5079
Eric Terry Information Technology Librarian Library 972-780-4956
Jeanette Rodriguez Senior Center Coordinator D.L. Hopkins Jr. Senior Center 972-707-3843
Jennifer Otey Budget Analyst Finance 972-780-4924
Joe Veracruz Councilmember District 1 City Council 972-965-7809
John MacLean Graduate Engineer 972-780-5008
Kevin Patton Building Inspector 972-780-5042
Lauren Tesmer Accountant Finance 972-780-5006
Leshonda Vaughn Solid Waste Administrative Assistant Public Works 972-780-4946
Marianne Greer-McKinney Deputy Court Administrator Municipal Court 972-707-3817
Administration, Police
Matthew A. Bryant Utilities Superintendent Public Works 972-780-4932
Monte Anderson Councilmember District 3 City Council 214-546-1200
Patrick Harvey Councilmember At-Large City Council 469-563-8121
Randolph Goucher Building Official 972-780-4940
Reyna Castillo Administrative Assistant Finance 972-780-5094
Reyna Herrera Service Center Administrative Assistant 972-780-4900
Richard Jones Operations Manager Duncanville Recreation Center 972-707-3834
Skye Thibodeaux City Planner Planning & Zoning, Public Works (972) 707-3871
Steven Wakeland Fire Marshal (972) 780-5049
Tammy Island Health Inspector Permits & Inspections Services 972-780-4963
Terrance Bass Code Enforcement Officer Code Services, Permits & Inspections Services 972-780-4961
Wanda Brooks Executive Assistant Public Works 972-780-5015
Dorian Johnson Executive Assistant Administration, Police 972-707-3888
Tracy Beekman Information Technology Manager Information Technology (972) 780-5087
John Borchardt Traffic Operations Superintendent Public Works (972) 780-5059
Craig Brasfield Duncanville Fieldhouse General Manager Duncanville Fieldhouse, Parks & Recreation (972) 331-8868
Robert D. Brown, Jr. Interim Assistant City Manager Administration, Police, Sports Legacy 972-780-5000
Wendell Burton "C" Shift Battalion Chief Fire (972) 780-5048
Cathryn Hughes Code Enforcement Officer (972) 780-4912
Greg Chase Assistant Chief Fire
Mark D. Cooks Mayor Pro Tem, District 4 City Council (972) 974-7643
Jacqueline (Jackie) Culton, P.E. Assistant Director of Public Works Public Works 972-780-5016
Vicky De Los Santos Court Administrator Municipal Court (972) 780-5055
Kristin Downs City Secretary General Government (972) 780-5017
Marius Eugenio Construction Inspector Public Works 972-707-3872
Lacey Freeman Executive Assistant Fire (972) 780-4919
Angelica Garcia Building Inspection Coordinator (972) 780-5041
Noel Garcia Recreation Center & Senior Center Superintendent D.L. Hopkins Jr. Senior Center, Duncanville Recreation Center, Parks & Recreation (972) 780-5074
Robert Gideon "A" Shift Battalion Chief Fire 972-780-5048
Dan Glass Code Enforcement Officer Code Services, Permits & Inspections Services (972) 780-4960
Barry L. Gordon Mayor City Council (214) 460-2682
Aaron Grogan Information Technology Specialist Information Technology 972-780-5089
Timothy Hamilton Parks Superintendent Parks, Parks & Recreation (972) 780-5072
Rob Hancock "B" Shift Battalion Chief Fire (972) 780-5048
Danene Hudson Youth Services Librarian Library (972) 780-5044
Mark LiVigni Interim Police Chief Police (972) 780-5035
Jessica James Director Economic Development Economic Development (972) 780-4997
Johnette Jameson Councilmember District 5 City Council 214-537-4349
Lynette Romero Permit Tech (972) 780-5041
Frederic Johnson Marshal Municipal Court 972-780-5092
Stephanie Lott Community Outreach Librarian Library (972) 707-3875
Asa Low Equipment Services Superintendent Public Works (972) 780-5062
Angie Martinez Executive Assistant, Parks Department Parks & Recreation (972) 780-4972
Pam McAllister Fire Inspector Fire (972) 780-5047
Don McBurnett Councilmember District 2 City Council
Chris McCaleb Lieutenant Police 972-780-5098
Kelly McChesney Street Superintendent Public Works (972) 780-4935
Alan McCully GIS/Engineering Technician Public Works (972) 780-5064
Hannah Olsen Technical Services Librarian Library (972) 780-5097
Katie Peal Human Resources Generalist Civil Service Commission, Human Resources (972) 780-5012
Tia Pettis Assistant Finance Director Finance (972) 780-5007
Bryan G. Ramey, II, P.E. Director of Public Works Public Works (972) 780-5015
Alex Hamby Public Information Officer Public Information 972-780-5043
Jesus Rodela Public Safety Information Technology Specialist Information Technology 972-707-3874
Sam Rohde Fire Chief Fire (972) 780-4921
Mike Ryan EMS Division Chief Fire (972) 780-4920
Athena Seaton Planning Technician Public Works 972-707-3878
Todd Siegel Human Resources Director Human Resources 972-780-5095
Doug Sisk Crime Prevention Specialist Crime Prevention/Community Relations, Internal Affairs, Police 972-780-5027
Dennis Souter Building Maintenance Supervisor Parks & Recreation (972) 780-5075
Bart Stevenson Director of Parks & Recreation Parks & Recreation (972) 780-5076
Jill Stottlemire Utility Accounting Manager Utility Billing (972) 780-5010
Richard Summerlin Finance Director Finance (972) 780-5005
Steve Blanchard Investigator Fire (972) 780-5049
Julio Velasquez Library Director Library 972-780-5053
Georcha West Accountant Finance (972) 780-5029
Deniece White Administrative Assistant/Accounting Clerk Duncanville Fieldhouse, Parks & Recreation 972-331-3893
Sheila Baker Purchasing Manager Purchasing (972) 780-5058
Cynthia Williams Economic Development Coordinator Economic Development (972) 780-5090
Kelly Williams After School Program Facilitator Duncanville Fieldhouse, Parks & Recreation 972-331-3893
Lisa Wren Accounts PayableTechnician Finance (972) 780-5019
Cassandra Wright Utility Billing Assistant Utility Billing 972-780-5011
Esther Wright Sr. Code Enforcement Officer Code Services, Permits & Inspections Services (972) 780-4962