Duties include:

  • Advise the City Council and city administration on present and future needs of the library
  • Advise the City Council and city administration on matters relating to library fees and policies


MEETS AT 6:30 PM : First Thursday of even-numbered months
MEETING PLACE : Conference Room
Library and Recreation Center 201 James Collins Blvd. Duncanville TX 75138

Mission Statement

The mission of the Duncanville Library Advisory Board is to make recommendations regarding the Library’s Material Selection Policy; to study, review, and consider library policies and fees; to consider recommendations regarding citizen requests to remove specific materials; and to act as an Advisory Board to the Library staff and City Council.

Membership & Meeting Details

The Library Director shall serve, ex officio, as secretary to the Board, and shall keep an accurate record of proceedings of the meetings. Minutes of a meeting shall be approved at the next following meeting. The board elects a president and vice-president. Prompt attendance at all meetings is urged. If three meetings are missed without a valid excuse, the member may be replaced.

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Julio Velasquez

Library Director

(972) 780-5053


Cindy Clinton
Susan Butsch
Jennifer Cole
Shanna Gable
Barbara Boddie
Michael Chrietzberg
Jill Gilbert
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Vacant – Apply Today