Mission Statement

The mission of the Planning and Zoning Commission is to promote economic and community development and neighborhood preservation through thorough orderly review, study, and consideration of zoning issues relative to state and local laws, to consider zoning requests, and make recommendations to the City Council; to review all zoning categories and allowed uses, making recommendations as needed. The Planning and Zoning Commission shall act as an advisory board to the City Council on planning and zoning matters.


MEETS AT 7 PM : Second & fourth Monday of the month
MEETING PLACE : City Hall, Council Chambers


Duties include:

  • Conducts public hearings regarding zoning changes
  • Makes recommendations to City Council for or against zoning changes
  • Reviews and approves preliminary and final plats for all subdivisions in accordance with subdivision and other ordinances
  • In conjunction with subdivision plat approvals, requires necessary dedications for future or planned street rights of way, alleys, sidewalks, easements, etc.
  • Keeps the Land Use Plan in mind when making decisions regarding zoning or subdivision plans
  • Makes recommendations to City Council regarding changes to amendments to zoning ordinances and subdivision ordinances

Membership & Meeting Details

The director of Public Works or their designated representative will be an ex-officio member of the City Planning and Zoning Commission and will be responsible for preparation of the minutes, which are to be approved by the board at the next meeting. The City Planning and Zoning Commission elects a chairman and vice chairman. Prompt attendance at all meetings is urged. If three meetings are missed without a valid excuse, the member may be replaced.


Jeremy Tennant

Neighborhood Services Manager

(972) 780-5086


Eric Peña
Jana McBroom
Betty Culbreath
Tom Shine
Elias Rodriguez
Javar Avery
Edward Stith