Title:  Bonds of Brass

Author:  Emily Skrutskie

Share something about your favorite characters. Did they remind you of someone or yourself? Talk about the dynamics between the characters. 

The two main characters are best friends and roommates at their military boarding academy. Their friendship is tested when it is revealed that one of them is the heir to the ruthless empire that recently conquered the star system in which they’re living. And hey, it turns out some of the conquered aren’t really all that happy about it.



What part of the book was most entertaining or meaningful to you? 

I really enjoyed the spaceship buying expedition. It does not turn out at all how you expect.


Did your opinion of the book change as you read it? How? 

I thought the book was a straight-up science fiction/space battles/adventure story. And it is, but it’s also a romance/unrequited love story.


Was the ending satisfactory? Explain.

Not exactly; but it’s not supposed to be. The series is meant to be a trilogy.


What other books by this author would you recommend? 

Definitely the next two books. The last one (Vows of Empire) should be out later this year.



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