Captain Jason Wigginton, Firefighter Brent Nabors, and Firefighter Jared GilbertIn addition to their full-time jobs with the Duncanville Fire Department, Captain Jason Wigginton, Firefighter Brent Nabors, and Firefighter Jared Gilbert also serve as the Duncanville SWAT Team Medics for the Police Department. On February 14, 2019, the Duncanville Police Department presented Police Commendation Bars to the SWAT Team Medics for the firefighter’s outstanding contribution to law enforcement and assistance at the biennial Active Shooter training held last year. As partners in public safety, the police and fire departments rely heavily on each other’s professional skill sets during emergency incidents.

In September 2018, the Duncanville Police Department SWAT Team conducted Active Shooter training in an abandoned hospital facility in Waxahachie, Texas. The firefighters provided vital medical training to police personnel over the course of three training days, including casualty assessment, formations of rescue teams and how to properly care for the injured. The close partnership and cross training efforts ensure that police and fire personnel are better prepared if an incident were to occur in Duncanville.

“Duncanville emergency responders believe that training, cooperation and preparedness are essential to protecting the community and citizens of Duncanville,” said Chief of Police Robert D. Brown, Jr. “Police officers rely on firefighter/paramedics to do our job effectively, and we appreciate the help and support of the Fire Department.”