This is Dorothy; she likes to go for walks in her human’s arms. She sees him come out the front door and follows yowling until she is picked up and taken for a walk. Her nose twitches catching the scents from the neighborhood and she switches her tail at the neighbors who smile at her, charmed by the novelty of a cat going along for a walk.

She likes to stalk around the yard and hide in the neighbor’s bushes. She has an abundance of fresh meat from the birds she catches. And is unconcerned, as only a cat can be, by the mess she leaves for her human to clean up.

Many neighbors regularly stop by to pet and love on her. She shamelessly revels in the attention. With such a big audience she thinks that she is the queen of the street and is pampered by her favorite human who only exists to feed her, pet her, and walk her. (she thinks)

This is a typical Dorothy encounter:

I heard the door open and spied the man come out of the house. I raced to him in hopes of some cuddles and scratches. What’s this? He is heading down the street for a walk! I chase after him running through the thick dewy grass feeling the cool morning air rustle through my fur. “Here I come, wait, waaaaiiiiittttt,” I call out. “Go back home cat,” the man said, “I left food for you.” How rude! He thinks he is going without me! “You can’t leave me behind,” I demanded. “Oh, all right, come along, goofy cat,” the man said.

This was how the morning started out for my husband and I. My husband being Dorothy’s pet or the other way around depending on how you want to look at it.

Erin Hunter, author of the Warrior series does cat stories a whole lot better. She has created a fantasy world full of cat clans.

The first book in the Warriors series.

Here is an excerpt:

Quietly he asked, “Is survival here really so hard?” “Our territory covers only part of the forest,” answered Bluestar. “We compete with other Clans for what we have. And this year, late newleaf means prey is scarce.” “Is your Clan very big?” Rusty meowed, his eyes wide. “Big enough’” replied Bluestar. “Our territory can support us, but there is no prey left over.” “Are you all warriors, then?” Rusty mewed. Bluestar’s guarded answers were just making him more and more curious. Lionheart answered him. “Some are warriors. Some are too young or too old or too busy caring for kits to hunt.” “And you all live and share prey together?” Rusty murmured in awe, thinking a little guiltily of his own easy, selfish life. Bluestar looked again at Lionheart. The golden tabby stared back at her steadily. At last she returned her gaze to Rusty and meowed, “Perhaps you should find out these things for yourself. Would you like to join ThunderClan?” Rusty was so surprised, he couldn’t speak. Bluestar went on: “If you did you would train with Graypaw to become a Clan warrior.” “But kittypets can’t be warriors!” Graypaw blurted out. “They don’t have warrior blood!” A sad look clouded Bluestar’s eyes. “Warrior blood,” she echoed with a sigh. “Too much of that has been spilled lately.”

If you like cats and their cattish personalities, then I highly recommend the Warrior series. Try them out and let us know what you think.

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