Performing Work in City

The city owns and maintains right-of-way and easement areas throughout Duncanville.  Any company or utility that plans to work, excavate, install services, block, or otherwise disturb these common areas is required to obtain a Right-of-Way Permit from the City.  Please note right-of-way permits are valid for 14 days only.  The City utilities will be located and a permit returned to you within five days, weather permitting.

The City will locate all City utilities within the designated work area. Please contact DIGTESS @ 811 to initiate Franchise Utility locates. 

There is no cost for this permit.

Obtaining a permit alerts the City to locate its underground utilities.

Directions for registering and requesting ROW locates:

You will need to register as a Utility Contractor.

  1. You will need to first register as a contractor/subcontractor at
    1. Contractor Registration
    2. Request a New Registration
    3. Utility Contractor

You will receive an email once you have registered with a 16-digit account number. (please check your spam/junk folder)

  1. Then you will need to go to and enter the account number that you received by email once you have registered.
    1. LOGIN
    2. Create an Account
    3. Request Project

Once you create a username and password you will be able to submit your right of way locate permits.

There is no fee for the registration or permit.  Please note:  right-of-way permits are valid for 14 days only.  If you need an extension, please call (972) 780-4900.

About Rerouting Traffic

If your work requires rerouting of traffic in any way, you will be required to upload Traffic Control and Proposed Route Plans at the time of application.  If you cannot upload the plans, you may email copies to Alan Brown or submit hard copies to the Public Works Department at 203 East Wheatland Road, Duncanville, TX 75116.  Please note that your permit will not be approved, and no work can begin, until your Traffic Control and Proposed Route Plans have been approved.  Please note that right-of-way permits are valid for 14 days only.  If you need an extension, please call (972) 780-4900.

If you need emergency locates, please contact the Municipal Service Center at (972) 780-4900