To make a police report or to have a Duncanville Police Officer contact you, please call 972.223.6111 Option 4.

Crime Prevention

The Duncanville Police Department seeks to enhance the quality of life of our citizens and visitors to our community by working in partnership with citizens. With its various programs and services, Crime Prevention is able to offer the community this opportunity through citizen involvement and education.

Our goal for this partnership with the community is two-fold. We strive to provide education to the community while also gaining a better understanding of our citizens’ daily concerns. This joint effort of sharing information will aid the department by implementing effective programs and will result in providing a sense of security for residents.

The Duncanville Police Department’s Crime Prevention Division strives to provide quality law enforcement and public safety services to our community focusing on goals, objectives, values, and partnerships. The Duncanville Police Department provides police personnel that is trained and certified to provide, at no charge, home, and business security inspections.

Community Involvement

Citizens are encouraged to become involved in their community and participate in the various programs and services offered by the Duncanville Police Department’s Crime Prevention Unit.

Officer Michelle Arias

Officer Michelle Arias has been with the Duncanville Police Department since January of 2014. Officer Arias is certified by the Texas Association of Hostage Negotiators as a Hostage Negotiator and serves as a New Officer Mentor. Officer Arias is currently obtaining the necessary training to become a Crime Prevention Specialist and replace Officer Doug Sisk as the Crime Prevention Officer. Officer Arias is proud to be bilingual and enjoys assisting Spanish speaking citizens who would otherwise have a difficult time communicating their needs to the police department. Officer Arias’s goal is to establish a meaningful relationship with the community while target hardening citizens and businesses in the city of Duncanville.

Crime Prevention Programs

The Crime Prevention Division also provides a number of other community programs that include, but are not limited to:

Identity Theft

The attached Identity Theft form is being given to you because you may have been a victim of Identity Theft. Identity Theft is defined as the theft or misuse of personal or financial identifiers in order to gain something of value and/or to facilitate other criminal activity. Identity Theft is a violation of the Texas Penal Code section 32.51 and is a State Jail Felony Offense.

The Duncanville Police Department is diligent in its efforts to apprehend and stop those individuals responsible for committing Identity Theft. This packet is essential in helping the Investigator understand, evaluate, and ultimately bring your case to closure. It is important that you take the time to complete this packet and return it to the Duncanville Police Department. Upon the return of your completed form, it will be assigned to a Financial Crimes Investigator. However, if it is determined the Duncanville Police Department is not the appropriate agency to investigate your case or does not have jurisdiction then the form will be forwarded to the appropriate agency.

The attached Identity Theft form will be used as evidence in court if an arrest is made. It is essential that the information you provide be accurate and true.
If you believe you are a victim of Identity Theft, you should take the following steps to protect yourself and your credit. The sooner you take action to limit the fraudulent use of your personal information, the easier it will be to correct any damage already done.


Take Me Home Program

Take Me Home Program
Helping People with Disabilities Get Home

Take Me Home is a program that was developed by the Pensacola, Florida Police Department to better assist individuals with disabilities who may need extra help communicating in an emergency. This kind of assistance may be necessary if the individual is unable to speak or properly identify themselves, or if they become disoriented, or act in a manner that could be misinterpreted by first responders.

This program is a free service available to any City of Duncanville resident who may have trouble communicating and is aimed at individuals with Autism, Down Syndrome, developmental or cognitive disabilities. The program is also intended to assist senior citizens who suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s.

All Information is Kept Confidential

The Take Me Home program is a database maintained by the Duncanville Police Department and is only accessible to public safety personnel.

When a participant in the Take Me Home Program is encountered by a police officer, the officer can access the Take Me Home database by name or by the person’s description to locate their enrollment record. Using this information, the officer can appropriately assist the person.

Registration Process

Register your loved one in the Take Me Home Program by filling out the registration form. Bring the completed form to the Duncanville Police Department and a high-quality passport-style photograph of the person (please do not submit group or family photograph and we need a current individual
photograph). If needed, a photograph can be taken of the registrant while at the police department. Also, provide any medical diagnosis documents for any medical conditions. This is needed if we ever have a need to issue a Silver Alert/Endangered Missing Person Alert through the Texas Department
of Public Safety.

Once registration is completed and turned into the Duncanville Police Department, a small sticker will be provided to the family member registering the person. This sticker is to be placed on the registrant’s vehicle. Specifically, on the lower-left corner of the rear window. This sticker will provide notice to a police officer that someone in the vehicle may have a condition that could limit their ability to respond to verbal commands.

The system can also work in reverse. Should your loved one, who is registered in the Duncanville Take Me Home Program go missing, their photograph, physical description, and any medical condition(s) are immediately available. In such a case, we encourage you to call 911 as soon as possible and inform dispatchers your loved is registered in the Duncanville Take Me Home Program and is missing.

For more information on the Take Me Home Program, contact Officer Doug Sisk at or at 972-780-5027.


ProTechDNA Microdot Program

Duncanville Police Department Offering Technology – “DNA for

The Duncanville Police Department is introducing new technology – “DNA for Property” to Duncanville residents to assist in helping mark your property and if it is stolen it’s another way to help recover it.

The Duncanville Police Department is one of the first agencies in Texas to introduce the program. Residents who were not able to attend the National Night Out event receive a “Forensic Property Pen” with instructions on how each resident can receive their FREE DNA for Property kit (there is a $4.99 shipping fee). Citizens can forensically personalize valuables with these kits and you can pick one up at the Duncanville Police Department.

ProtechDNA, the company that provides the technology stated they are excited for the program kick-off in Duncanville.

“We are excited to kick off the program in Texas with the Duncanville Police
Department,” stated ProtechDNA. “They are a true leader in crime prevention and community engagement. The DNA for Property technology, combined with the
ongoing community outreach programs of the Duncanville Police Department will make a huge impact on the reduction of property theft and send a very strong message to criminals who might consider targeting residents of this community.”

The focus on this national campaign is to connect law enforcement and their
communities around the country and to provide every resident with new technology to deter theft and increase the chance of returning recovered property to the rightful owners.

“DNA for Property” is a special forensic adhesive that can be applied to all types of valuables. The adhesive is swabbed on an item and will permanently dry clear and invisible to the naked eye. Suspended in the adhesive are thousands of “microscopic dots” that are .05 mm in size – these dots are smaller than the size of a grain of sand. Chemically etched into the microdot is a unique alpha-numeric PIN (personal identification number).

Local insurance Agent, Jane Moore with Farmers Insurance – Duncanville, has
partnered with the Duncanville Police Department to assist in efforts to combat property theft and provide residents and businesses with resources and input on how to protect property and save money on insurance policies.

Crime Prevention Officer Doug Sisk stated the Department is looking forward to introducing the new technology to citizens.

“The Duncanville Police Department is always looking for proactive programs to help protect citizens and their property,” said Officer Sisk. “This [DNA for Property] is just another tool in the crime prevention toolbox to help citizens identify their property, and, in the event, the property is stolen, the Duncanville Police Department has more avenues in aiding in the recovery of property and returning it to the rightful owner.”

To receive a FREE DNA kit, visit: and set up a free account (there is a $4.99 shipping handling fee) or contact Crime Prevention Officer, Doug Sisk at 972.780.5027 or

Operation C.A.L.M.

Operation C.A.L.M.
(Call and Leave Message)

In September 1979, Mr. Aubrey “Mac” McDonald began operation C.A.L.M. (Call and Leave Message) calling several people that had no one to check on them each day. The program was sponsored by the Duncanville Police Department and Mr. McDonald was the monitor who called the citizens on the call list. The program was Mr. McDonald’s idea. He contacted Sgt. Bill Bushman with the Duncanville Police Department’s Crime Prevention Division, with the idea and they, met with then-Police Chief Michael Courville and the program became part of the Crime Prevention Divisions Programs.

Five years later in September 1984, Mr. McDonald received the Police Departments’ highest award issued to a citizen, the “Citizens Certificate of Merit” for his work. By this time he had recorded over 20,000 phone calls and had logged over 3,700 volunteer hours with Operation C.A.L.M.

Through the years, Mr. McDonald directed the program from his home and the Police Department paid for his phone service for the program. Once during Mr. McDonald’s service, police and fire personnel were dispatched and saved a lady who had suffered a stroke. The main service was that special call every day just to say hello and let someone know they mattered and someone cares about them.

In the 1990’s the Citizens Police Academy was established and the C.A.L.M. program became part of this organization. Sometime after this Richard (Dick) Trego took over the program and called faithfully until 2000 when Sharon Keltner began calling approximately 12 people that had no one to call on them each morning.

In 2005 Scottie Brewster began helping Sharon call as the number of participants grew. There will always be room for one more person for the volunteers to call. We encourage anyone who is interested to take advantage of this program. They must live within Duncanville city limits.

Each morning between 7:30 am and 8:00 am the ladies or gentlemen are given a call to confirm they are awake and able to get up. This might take 3 minutes or it might take 30 minutes. At this time everyone is on their way to do their daily tasks. At least three times during the inception of this program the participants have attributed it to saving their lives. On one occasion a lady had fallen, was able to answer the phone but definitely injured. The paramedics transported her to Charlton where a broken hip was diagnosed.

Another time a lady did not answer, her contact number could not be reached, so the police were sent and found she too fell and was wedged between the bathtub and toilet. With some effort, she was freed. Sometimes the people we call just need to hear a friendly voice first thing in the morning, what day of the week and the temperature outside is.

For the last 27 plus years, this service has helped hundreds of citizens and with the help of great volunteers like Mr. McDonald, Mr. Trego, Mrs. Brewster, and Mrs. Keltner it will continue to serve and be an asset to our community. People helping people, that’s what it’s all about and it helps make a difference.

Should you feel you are eligible or know someone of interest in the program that lives within Duncanville city limits, please call the Duncanville Police Department Crime Prevention Division and speak with Officer Doug Sisk at (972) 780-5027 or email at

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Etching

What Is VIN Etching?

VIN etching is the process of acid stenciling your vehicle’s 17-digit identification number onto the window glass of the vehicle. The stencil is relatively small and does not hamper your view through the windows in any way. Because the etching is done at the bottom of your windows, it is not obviously noticeable and does not take away from the attractiveness of your vehicle.

Why Should I Have VIN Etching Done On My Car?

VIN etching serves several purposes.

First, many thieves will steal a vehicle and change its identity by removing the VIN plate on the dashboard and replacing it with a different one. They will then sell the stolen vehicle to an unsuspecting buyer. By having the identification number placed on additional parts of your vehicle, thieves who might want to change the identity will be deterred knowing they will also have to change out all the window glass in addition to the dashboard VIN plate. This is an investment most thieves will not make.

Second, should your vehicle ever be stolen, law enforcement will have an easier time recovering and identifying your vehicle since the identification number is readily available on multiple parts of the car. And third, VIN etching may qualify many insurance consumers for a Level I insurance discount, which can result in a 2% to 10% discount on the comprehensive portion of your insurance premium, as long as you don’t already have a theft deterrent on your vehicle that qualifies for the Level I discount. On the day we etch your vehicle, you will be given a form to provide to your insurance company to let them know the process has been completed.

What Do I Need To Do If I’d Like To Have My Car Etched?

If you’d like to participate in the VIN etching program, please contact the Duncanville Police Department’s Crime Prevention Division to set up an appointment.


We look forward to seeing you! Thank you for your assistance in preventing vehicle theft!

VTR 68-A Vehicle Inspections

Out of State Vehicles ∙ Imported Vehicles ∙ Assembled Vehicles ∙ Missing VIN ∙ Homemade Trailers ∙ Bonded Title Vehicles

To Schedule an Appointment:

Inspections are performed by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, call our records department at 972-780-5024 or request by email at Inspections are conducted every Tuesday between 9:00 am – 11:00 am.

You will need to arrange to bring your vehicle or trailer to the inspection location located at 330 Shady Trail Drive. You also will need to bring the following:

  • Photo ID
  • Proof of Ownership (title, receipts of materials used, bill of sale)
  • Proof of Insurance, if applicable
  • Texas Safety Inspection Certificate, if applicable
  • Customs Declaration Forms, if applicable
  • $40 Fee (cash, cashier’s check, or money order), paid in advance at 203 East Wheatland Road.

VTR  68-A Vehicle Inspections:

  • VTR 68-A inspections will be conducted regardless of the motorist’s residency
  • The vehicle MUST meet the minimum requirements set forth by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicle guidelines and be “road ready”
  • Inspections WILL NOT be conducted on partially assembled vehicles

For more detailed information on inspections and other titling and registration requirements please refer to Buying or Selling a Vehicle.

Inspection Fees:

The fee for inspections is $40.00 payable by cash, money order, or cashier’s check. No personal checks are accepted. Payment must be paid in advance of the inspection with our records department at 203 East Wheatland Road, Duncanville.

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