Why are we asking you to tell us your story?

Because we think everyone has a story to tell, and those stories matter.

People of Duncanville is a way to share stories from our community, so that we all know a bit more about each other and can appreciate each other better. It’s also a way to capture the history and spirit of Duncanville through its residents’ eyes.

Our featured "People of Duncanville" story

What is your name and what do you do?

My name is Jonathan Alexander Cooper. I am a Captain in the US Army and stationed at Ft. Bragg NC as the S4 logistics officer for my battalion.

What’s your favorite free-time activity?

On my free time I like to visit local breweries and wineries with my wife, Andrea, and try different foods from around the area.

What’s something you’re proud of that others might not know about? (e.g. accomplishment, experience, skill)

Since we’re talking about Duncanville history, I’m proud to have grown up playing baseball in Duncanville from T-ball to high school. My parents lived across from Harrington Park, so we would just hop over to our games. Just did a little research and found out I’m still the individual record holder for least walks/ game average for the high school haha.

How long have you lived in Duncanville?

I was born in 1987 and raised in Duncanville. Left for college in 2005 at Texas State, graduated and my first duty station was at Fort Hood. I’d come home on weekends whenever I could. I left Texas in 2015 for Virginia and then North Carolina.

What’s your favorite part of living here?

Duncanville is now our home away from home. My mom and dad have lived there about 40 or so years. My brothers and sisters and I grew up in the same house, and we still have Thanksgivings there no matter what state we are living in. We love that we know the area and feel safe with a small latch on the door instead of a security system; we may be one of the few houses that have chain link fences instead of privacy fencing. I miss the Texas weather, seeing the weather changes and lightning strikes in the air and television towers in the background.

What’s something that could be improved?

Duncanville needs to find a way to set itself apart besides the high school. Cedar Hill has blown up, shopping and restaurants, and there is so much to do now than there was ten years ago, but Duncanville hasn’t kept up. Kidsville is not as safe as it used to be, the stores are empty along I20, and the rollover of businesses and the loss of mom and pop shops add to that. Walmart left and so did a lot of the economy. Another QT pops up and a hotel but that’s not much to bring outsiders. But the downside is that Duncanville isn’t the type of town to be very busy.

What’s a favorite memory of Duncanville that you have?

My favorite part about Duncanville is really the small memories at all of the places. Putt-putt golf used to be the go to when I was younger, being excited about the Dallas Stars building showing up, and of course the park across the street from our house. My mom still does the concession stand during baseball season, and every time I’m home we would either take the dog for a walk or run around the neighborhoods. The familiarity of who lives in the houses is something that is lost when you move to another location.

“I think everyone should know how to wait tables, because it’s about service. It helped me overcome shyness and pay my rent in college. I had to step out of my comfort zone. If the bottom drops out of your life, there’s always a demand for waiters.” — Oriana Vittrup (DuncanSwitch, June 2016)