• How do I print?

    Depends on a couple of different factors. (Bonus info: 10 cents per page. By default, the printer is B&W, but you can change to color. )

    Factor A: It’s a document on my flash drive.
    Solution: Open the flash drive folder (it’s usually Drive:E) and then open the document you need to print. Look for the printer icon or the print command under the File menu. Make sure you know how many pages are in your document before you print.

    Factor B: It’s an attachment in my email.
    Solution: Open the email and then look for the download arrow. (It might look like this: Image result for download arrow ) Click it and then use the Print command in the File menu.

    Factor C: It’s an article on Wikipedia or some other website.
    Solution: We recommend using Copy and Paste to put the desired text in to a Microsoft Word document.

     Factor D: I just used your computer to type a resume (flyer, book report, or something else.)
    Solution: Look around. The instructions for printing are taped to the sides of every computer desk.
    As always, if you need more help, please come to the Information Desk. That is literally why we are here. 🙂
  • Where are my prints?

    The Print Station is near the Checkout Desk. There is a long table against the wall. It is the monitor on the left side of that table.

    1. Go to the monitor and click on “Print Your Document.”
    2. Put in the barcode and PIN that you used to sign in to the computer.
    3. Click on the print jobs that you’re ready to pick up.
      • You don’t need to release jobs that you don’t want anymore.
      • Make sure you select the correct number of copies.
    4. Click “Continue”
    5. Select either “Black/White” or “Color.”  Verify the total.
    6. VERY IMPORTANT: If the total is more than $5, you will need to print in at least two batches. The machine can not handle more than $5, it will throw a temper tantrum and refuse to work.
    7. Insert your money into the machine underneath. It will take nickels, dimes, quarters, ones, and fives.
    8. Click “Print.”
    9. Collect your papers and any change.
  • Can I send a fax?

    Yes! Indeed, you can. Faxes are 25 cents per page.

    It’s the middle monitor on the long table at the front of the library. The same monitor can also Scan to Email and Scan to a USB drive. Both of those options are free.

    • The monitor is a touch screen.
    • By default, it uses the flat-bed scanner on the left. But you can change it to the document feeder on the right.
    • The document feeder can also scan double-sided.

    If you need any help, please ask.

  • Can I print from my laptop/phone?

    Yes! Indeed, you can. (These instructions are for first time users. Repeat users should start on step 1 and then skip directly to the “Log in” portion of step 5.

    1. Start out by going to this website.
    2. Click on “First Time User.”
    3. If you have a library card number and PIN you may enter it in the boxes. If not, leave the generic numbers that are prefilled. Then enter either your email or cell phone number. Click “Submit.”
    4. You’ll get either an email or a text. Click the included link to return to the log in page. You’ll need to use the same card number next time.
    5. The card number should be prefilled and the PIN will be the last four  of the card number. Click “Log In.”
    6. Follow the steps to browse your device for the file you wish to upload.
    7. Once it is uploaded, go to the library’s print release station.

    If you need any help, please ask.