• Halloween writing contest winner!
    Here is the winning story from our annual Ghouls, Ghosts, and Goblins writing contest. This contest is held every year around Halloween and any kid in grades 5 or 6 are welcome to enter. Congratulations to this year's winner! Halloween 2020 writing contest winnerDownload
  • Halloween fun at the library!
  • Library Secrets, part 1
    The library can seem like a strange place to people. And we are a little strange; we offer many different resources (not just books!), we host programs and events. But I’m here to let you in on a secret or two. Today we’ll chat about the “Last Chance” display. Every now and then, we must … Read more
  • Creepy-crawlies
    Wicked Fun Here we are in the middle of another Texas summer. Blistering heat and bugs flying about. In my yard I have many cicadas buzzing their summer song. I remember as a kid I would collect the skins and terrorize my slightly younger cousins with them. I would line the skins up and play … Read more
  • Covid-19 adventures, part 1
    Mask Making My family needed face masks to protect them against Covid-19 and I thought that was something I could cobble together. I had bits of fabric from other projects and I bought a bit more. My forays into sewing haven’t been all that ambitious, but I felt confident that I could successfully make masks. … Read more