• Halloween fun at the library!
  • Creepy-crawlies
    Wicked Fun Here we are in the middle of another Texas summer. Blistering heat and bugs flying about. In my yard I have many cicadas buzzing their summer song. I remember as a kid I would collect the skins and terrorize my slightly younger cousins with them. I would line the skins up and play … Read more
  • Homeschooling, distance learning, and COVID-19
    When my daughter’s school went to online learning, I felt the irony in my bones. As a child, I was homeschooled and assumed I would homeschool my own children. That had not happened, for various reasons, and my daughter thrived in first a public, then a charter school. And now… now she was learning at … Read more
  • Introducing Library Granola
    Granola (that crunchy-munchy goodness) is made up of a lot of different ingredients. This blog will be like granola; posts may vary in style and they’ll definitely vary in content. Some posts might be straight-up book reviews. Others might be commentary on daily happenings. Still others will let you in on a few of the … Read more
  • Getting Lost in Time Travel
    Warning: there are a few spoilers. Then again, the spoilers might just entice you enough to crack open these really fun books. Imagination gone wild I often imagine after reading such a story how characters from that different era would react to the world today. (Covid-19 pandemic aside.) What would they think about zooming 60 or … Read more