• Library Secrets, part 5
    Library Secrets, part 5 We’re friendly to everyone who comes in, but there’s also a special group called: Their whole purpose is to support the library. They occasionally have meetings, run the Book Sale, and do some fundraising. Joining the Friends is a really great way to support the library. The Friends are always looking … Read more
  • Fiction review: Don’t make me choose…
    Don’t Make Me Choose Between You and My Shoes by Dixie Cash had some great memorable characters. My favorite character was Celina who is a librarian in a small Texas town. I liked reading about her bravery as she stepped out to try something new and found love along the way. The two main characters, … Read more
  • Fiction review: Attack Surface
    Title: Attack Surface Author: Cory Doctorow After reading this book, I am now officially wary of my phone, my thermostat, my Kindle and various other devices in my possession. The book centers on Masha, who makes a living analyzing and using the results of surveillance software. She’s a good person, with good intentions, and we … Read more
  • Fine Forgiveness Week
    We've got a lot going on the week of June 7 – 12, 2021. It's the start of our annual Summer Reading Club. There's going to be an awesome kickoff on the 7th with a Kona ice truck and popcorn. There'll be plenty more kids' activities to come throughout the summer. We're also going to … Read more
  • Non-fiction review: In case you get hit by a bus
    Title: In case you get hit by a bus Author: Abby Schneiderman; Adam Seifer; Gene Newman Topic: estate planning This is a very practical book on how to make sure that those you leave behind aren’t left with a mess. It clearly lays out a plan for passing on all the information we use daily … Read more