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Questions & Answers

Q: How do I save my document?
A: Option 1: Save to your Google Drive account. Option 2: Save to a flash drive.

Q: Can I print this at the library?
A: Yes! Click here.
You’ll need to sign in (or register), then upload your document. Follow the instructions to print. Then come in the library to pick up your document and pay.

  • Homework sites K-5

  • Homework sites 6-12

     TexShare Databases – useful for research into a myriad of topics. Also helpful for studying for GED and other standardized tests.

    Hippocampus – free videos in 13 subject areas.

    High School Ace – Homework help, quizzes, and informational website links.

    Sweet Search – links to research sites that may be more reliable than Wikipedia.

    Wikipedia – Lots of the information is accurate, but it’s suggested you verify before putting it in a term paper.

  • Resumes

    General advice – be careful. A lot of sites will let you create a resume for free but will try to charge you in order to download, print, or save.

    There are some other options available though. Here are a few of them.

    • Google Docs – they’ve got templates that you can use. All the sections are already formatted. You just have to remove the generic information and put in your own. Any sections that you don’t need you can just remove. When you’re ready to save it, make sure to “download as” a Microsoft Word document, then you’re good to go.
    • Indeed – You can create a resume on Indeed for free. Bonus is that you can easily attach it to job you apply for with the site.
    • Books – We have so many resume books in our collection. Some are career specific (teacher, technology, medical professional) others are for entry-level jobs. We’ve got plenty on how to write cover letters also.