The City of Duncanville’s early warning siren system consists of eight outdoor sirens strategically located throughout the city as a warning device to alert citizens outdoors of imminent severe weather. These sirens may be activated individually or in small groups for a localized emergency, or they may all be activated simultaneously for a city-wide weather warning.

While the warning siren system is an effective method of outdoor notification, the City of Duncanville highly recommends each home and business have other means to receive warnings and notifications. Warning and notification can be received by monitoring the following:

  • NOAA National Weather Service Radio
  • Local television and radio stations
  • Internet
  • Weather subscription services
  • Monitoring sky conditions
  • Everbridge Emergency Notification Alerts

If you are outside when the sirens activate go inside and seek shelter immediately. Tune into a local, television or radio station for instructions and severe weather information. It is also recommended you purchase a weather radio to keep in your home.

Go to a pre-designated safe area or to an interior room with few or no windows. Put as many walls as possible between you and the outside. Protect yourself by getting under a heavy table or covering yourself with some sort of thick padding. Use your arms to cover your head and neck to protect from flying and falling debris.

Weather permitting, the outdoor warning system is tested the first Wednesday of each month at 2:00 PM. Testing may be delayed if storms are in the area.