Location & Transportation

Getting Around

A city where more than 39,000 friendly people call home, Duncanville has been named “The City of Champions” and for good reason. No other city is more focused on the success of their local community, business, schools, or citizens.

Mature, Efficient Road, Rail and Air Transit Systems

Businesses are driven by transactions. Transactions are conducted when goods and services are exchanged. How efficiently you are able to make those transactions happen have a large impact on revenue and profits. Therefore, it is important the city you choose have a mature transportation infrastructure and convenient access to major freeways, railways and airports. Duncanville offers all of this and more.

Doing business by air is both convenient and cost-effective. Duncanville is approximately twenty minutes from Dallas Love Field (Southwest Airlines main hub) and DFW International Airport (American Airlines headquarters and one of the largest airports in the country) is just twenty-five minutes away. In addition, Duncanville business professionals can take advantage of Dallas Executive Airport, a municipal airport operated by the City of Dallas that has two runways and provides corporate and general aviation services to the public.

With I-20 on its northern border and Hwy-67 bordering its east, Duncanville is easily accessible to major interstate and highway systems in North Texas, including I-35 the NAFTA Corridor.

Duncanville also has a rail service running through the heart of the city, providing businesses with yet another means by which to move inventory in a timely manner. Locating your business in Duncanville means you make it more convenient and cost-effective for customers, partners, and suppliers to do business with your organization.

For riders, Uber and Lyft are convenient, inexpensive, and safe taxi services.