fire_icon-redPROJECT: FIRE STATION #1

The project in Proposition C includes the construction of a new Fire Station and Emergency Operations Center (EOC) to replace the existing Fire Station on Camp Wisdom Road, as well as replace the existing Emergency Operations Center.


Overall Project Status (project underway soon)

DESIGN 0% Complete

Project Cost Breakdown (by %)

  • Land Purchase
  • Engineering & Design
  • Construction



Start Date

Winter 2019

Current Project Status

Land Acquisition Underway

Estimated Completion

Fall 2022

Project Milestones

Fall 2018
Winter 2019

Fall 2018

Voters Approved Bond Election

Winter 2019

Preliminary Project Work Begins

Project Details
Bond Program Year 2018
Proposition C
Project Name Fire Station #1
Project Description Construct a new Fire Station #1 to replace existing facility
Project Status Land Acquisition Underway
Project MAPS Projects Map
Last Modified Date 1/17/2020
Project Schedule (subject to change)
Estimated Pre-engineering Start N/A
Estimated Pre-engineering Completion N/A
Estimated Design Start Summer 2020
Estimated Design Completion Summer 2020
Estimated Construction Start Winter 2021
Estimated Construction Completion Winter 2023
Estimated Project Cost Breakdown
Purchase of Land (if applicable) 17% $1,000,000
Engineering & Design 8% $500,000
Construction 75% $4,500,000
PROJECT TOTAL 100% $6,000,000