This project in Proposition B includes reconstruction of intersection and subsurface utilities at Main St and Camp Wisdom Road.


Overall Project Status

Pre-engineering 5% Complete
Design 0% Complete
Construction 0% Complete

Project Cost Breakdown (by %)

  • Pre-Engineering
  • Engineering & Design - BOND
  • Engineering & Design - Utilities CIP
  • Construction - BOND
  • Construction - Utilities CIP



Start Date

Spring 2019

Current Project Status

Pre-Engineering Ongoing

Estimated Completion

Spring 2022

Project Milestones

Fall 2018
Winter 2019

Fall 2018

Voters Approved Bond Election

Winter 2019

Preliminary Project Work Begins

Project Details
Bond Program Year 2018
Proposition B
Project Name Main St @ Camp Wisdom Rd
Project Description Reconstruct intersection and subsurface utilities at the intersection of Main St and Camp Wisdom Rd
Project Status Pre-engineering design
Project MAPS Concept Plan
Last Modified Date 1/17/2020
Project Schedule (subject to change)
Estimated Pre-engineering Start Spring 2019
Estimated Pre-engineering Completion Summer 2020
Estimated Design Start Winter 2020
Estimated Design Completion Spring 2021
Estimated Construction Start Spring 2021
Estimated Construction Completion Spring 2022
Estimated Project Cost Breakdown
Pre-Engineering 8% $150,000
Engineering & Design 9% $181,000 ($135K Bond – 7%; $46K Utilities CIP – 2%)
Construction 83% $1,650,000 ($1.35M Bond – 68%; $300K Utilities CIP – 15%)
PROJECT TOTAL 100% $1,981,000

Project News Updates

Bond Update: North Main Street

The City of Duncanville partnered with Dallas County in May 2019 to perform a preliminary engineering study for the North Main Street/Camp Wisdom Road intersection on a 50-50 cost basis. The preliminary study is ongoing with an estimated completion date of Spring 2020 The Main Street / Camp Wisdom intersection was submitted in October 2019 […]

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