Like many people trying to survive in this pandemic world, I’ve been dutifully staying at home. Like everyone else stuck at home, I  shamelessly indulge in way too much TV. One recent binge worthy day was spent engrossed in Bridgerton. Belatedly, I discovered that the show was based on a book series by Julia Quinn. Normally I have a strict ‘read the book first’ policy. The reason is that as I delighted in the sappy romance of Daphne and Simon in visual form, I was denied what my imagination could have cooked up.  Instead of seeing Daphne, her colorful family, and brooding Simon in my own way, I saw the characters as they were portrayed in the show. To me, discovering characters this way is backwards and plain wrong. Nevertheless, I will continue reading the Bridgerton series.

The cover of the book "The Duke & I"The first book in the series is The Duke & I. This is a quick read that is both fun and engaging. It is slightly different than the show,  and I won’t say what those differences are except they are among my favorites. My mind has been spoiled by the characters in the show, but I know I’ll still enjoy the books. Especially the tidbits that won’t make it in the show and are seen by my own imagination! As you can see even the newest cover of the book is spoiled by the show… but this is the copy the library has.



Dear reader, I  must warn you that this series includes a second epilogue at the end of each book that is full of spoilers. If you do not like spoilers do not read them. They are all put together in a separate book called The Bridgertons: Happily Ever After. I haven’t made up my mind whether I’ll continue to read the second epilogue. I love epilogues and don’t know if I can resist peeking.


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