It is a new week and we’ve got some new titles for you. There’s been a lot of movie watching going on lately. Some of the library staff needed the downtime to recover from the Heart of Duncanville 5K.

We’d like to know what y’all are reading too! So, please feel free to let us know in the comments.


Ink and Ashes by Valynne Maetani (book)

Claire Takata has never known much about her father, who passed away ten years ago. But on the anniversary of his death, she finds a letter from her deceased father to her stepfather. Before now, Claire never had a reason to believe they even knew each other. Struggling to understand why her parents kept this surprising history hidden, Claire combs through anything that might give her information about her father . . . until she discovers that he was a member of the yakuza, a Japanese organized crime syndicate. The discovery opens a door that should have been left closed.




MI-5 (movie)

When a terrorist escapes custody during a routine handover, Will Holloway must team with disgraced MI5 Intelligence Chief Harry Pearce to track him down before an imminent terrorist attack on London.


The Dragon Reborn by Robert Jordan (Wheel of Time series #2)

It’s getting good and the character Matt is getting a bit more tolerable. He’s stopped screwing up as much. Hahaha.



Spirited Away (movie)

Hayao Miyazaiki’s films are always amazing.



I started watching this because Netflix recommended it to me. It’s got a lot of conspiracies going on and I like the setting of the FBI agent training academy.

~Buffy the Netflix Watcher

Jerusalem by Alan Moore

This 1200-page monolith came with a vague jacket description and rave reviews, and seemed puzzling and intriguing on first glance, so of course I had to check it out. After a couple hundred pages, unifying themes began to emerge from the wordy, evocative prose. Each chapter is a self-contained story of a person walking around the same neighborhood in England (at various different points in history) and musing about their lives. Most of these people are somehow related to each other, by blood or chance encounter. I have been particularly impressed by the way Moore changes his writing style from chapter to chapter to fit each particular character. Absolutely not for everyone (1200 pages, Dickensian prose…). Personally, I’m finding it fascinating and enjoyable.



It is about the fastest man alive. He has a group of people that help him to become faster. This show is great for all of you geeky people out there. It also has the right amount of humor in the show. I was excited when I heard that the CW was going to do this show. A fun fact about the main character Barry Allen: the actor who plays him is a great tap dancer.


Eragon by Christopher Paolini

The book is part of a series. This book is about a boy who finds an egg and unexpected things start to happen. If you’re a fan of the “Lord of the Rings” books you might like this book as well. A great read if you like adventure, magic, and dragons. I started to read this book after seeing that there was a movie.


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