Non-fiction review: In case you get hit by a bus

Title: In case you get hit by a bus

Author: Abby Schneiderman; Adam Seifer; Gene Newman

Topic: estate planning

This is a very practical book on how to make sure that those you leave behind aren’t left with a mess. It clearly lays out a plan for passing on all the information we use daily but don’t really think about.

I found a lot of their advice to be common sense, but they also cover details that I’d never thought about before. The authors are experts in this field (they have a company that does nothing but think about this stuff.)


We have a few other books on this topic that might interest you.


The gentle art of Swedish death cleaning by Margareta Magnusson

This is a great book on decluttering in order to make things easier on loved ones after you’ve passed away. The philosophy is simple: do it now, so your heirs don’t have to.






Get it together by Melanie Cullen

This book is from the publisher Nolo and focuses more heavily on the legal aspects of estate planning.







Quick and legal will book by Denis Clifford

Also published by Nolo, this book offers boilerplate forms and advice on filling them out. The link is for our 2020 edition, but we try to update them regularly so you may want to look for a more recent year. Ask a staff member if you want help.




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