Sales Tax is paid on the sales of certain goods and services. It is an important indicator of the financial viability of our community. Sales tax is one of the top revenue sources for Duncanville’s general City operations and makes up 24% of the current General Fund Revenue Budget. Duncanville shoppers pay a sales tax rate of 8.25%, which is $.0825 for every taxable $1.00 spent. Of the 8.25% total sales tax rate, 2.0% goes to the City and 6.25% goes to the State of Texas.

$715,881 – Duncanville Sales Tax Revenue for the month of July 2016

This is a 17% increase or $104,908 more than the same month last year (July 2015)

Where does the total 8.25% sales tax go?

6.25% State of Texas

1.00% Duncanville General Fund

0.50% Duncanville General Fund for Property Tax Relief

0.50% Duncanville Community Economic Development Corporation

8.25% Total Sales Rate

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