DMN firefighter article july 5 2016Dallas Morning News (7.5.16): Battalion Chief Robert Gideon called a client the day before he was scheduled to mow his lawn Wednesday for his part-time job. The 27-year Duncanville firefighter tried not to worry when the call went straight to voicemail, even though this particular client always answered his phone.

“But we were mowing at another house down the road and saw his car in the yard,” said Gideon, 50. “So we had some idea he was there.”

His suspicions were correct. The elderly client was there, but in no position to come to the door. Gideon and his lawn-mowing partner, Duncanville firefighter Robert Shaw, entered the home and found the elderly man semi-conscious, lying on the floor.

Paramedics later determined that he had probably been that way at least a couple of days. The two firefighters shouted his name and he eventually responded as Shaw called 911 and Gideon got on the phone with his own department.

“If they hadn’t followed through with their instincts and concern, there is no doubt in my mind that the elderly male would have laid there and died,” Duncanville EMS Chief Mike Ryan said.

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