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Emergency Management
Four Phase
The preparation for and carrying out of all emergency functions is accomplished through four phases of emergency management: mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. Activities to meet this end include coordination, planning, training, drills, exercises, and financial assistance.

Located within the Duncanville Fire Department, the purpose of the office of emergency management is to coordinate the activities of various agencies and city departments responsible for operations during disasters. The office of emergency management is staffed by an Emergency Management Administrator. The Emergency Management Administrator position is funded by and works for the cities of Cedar Hill, DeSoto, and Duncanville.

The Mayor of the City of Duncanville is the director of emergency management for the city while the fire chief serves as the emergency management coordinator for the city. Regional coordination for the emergency management program is accomplished through inter-local and interjurisdictional agreements for resource utilization, communication with county, state, and federal agencies, and by establishing disaster response and recovery policy. Ultimately, the purpose of emergency management is to increase the City of Duncanville’s capabilities to respond to the hazards that threaten our city while implementing the steps necessary to prevent or reduce the impact of a disaster upon our community.

Are you prepared to deal with a natural or man-made disaster? Take a look at the video below for tips on what to do in a case a major disaster hits in our area.


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Sam Rohde
Emergency Management Coordinator
Ph:  (972) 780-4921

Skyla Pellum
Emergency Mangement Administrator
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