Print materials comprise the largest part of our collection

Approximately 64,000 items of adult or general interest, 18,000 items of interest to children in grades 3-8, and 14,000 items of interest to children in grades 2 and below. Several fiction genres are separated from general fiction for easier browsing. These include mysteries, science fiction, short stories, westerns, young adult fiction, and fiction in large print.

Almost 10% of our collection is in non-print formats, including audiobooks on CD and cassette, videos on VHS and DVD, sound recordings on CD, and read-along kits for children. We also have Chromebooks that are available for checkout: both for in-library use and for take-home use. Plus we have Wi-Fi hotspots available for take-home checkout. See the Information Desk for more details on these two collections.

Through participation in the Northeast Texas Libraries Digital Consortium, we are proud to offer patrons access to a growing collection of e-books and downloadable audiobooks through OverDrive Media. If you have a library card and an e-reader or digital audio player, there’s something in this collection for you!

Sometimes you just have to stop and read the books.

Texas Heritage Resource Center

Howdy y’all!

Texas: the state so big that it demands its own non-fiction collection.
We’ve been a Texas Heritage Resource Center since 1982. Here you’ll find books that are solely about Texas. This is also where you’ll find biographies of Texans.