Transparency & Accountability

magnifier-glass-documentsThe City of Duncanville maintains an online check register in an ongoing movement towards transparency and accountability by local government. The links below include data from the City of Duncanville’s Accounts Payable, ACH and Payroll check registers for current and prior fiscal years beginning October 1, 2010. The registers posted below exclude checks that might provide protected privacy information. The data will be updated on a periodic basis moving forward and will include only the current state mandated files that are required to be kept by the City of Duncanville.


The City of Duncanville is proud to be the recipient of the prestigious 2015 Texas Comptroller Platinum Leadership Circle Award for setting the bar for financial transparency in Texas.

Additional Information

For more information on specific check listings, please submit an open records request using the Application for Public Information / Records Form. If you would like a copy of the check and/or detail, copy and labor costs may be incurred. Please contact our city secretary if you would like more information or to inquire about the fee schedule.

Accounts Payable Check Registers