The 2018 Duncanville Bond Program was approved by voters November, 2018. The Program consists of 10 projects organized into four propositions and planned to be completed over four years.

Overall Progress At A Glance

PROPOSITION A - Parks & Recreation Facilities 10% Complete
PROPOSITION B - Street Improvements 10% Complete
PROPOSITION C - Firefighting Facilities 10% Complete
PROPOSITION D - Municipal Buildings 10% Complete


Proposition Funding Breakdown by %

  • Proposition A
  • Proposition B
  • Proposition C
  • Proposition D


Bond Propositions Total


Proposition A

Parks & Recreation Facilities


The projects in Proposition A include the creation, expansion and/or replacement of restroom facilities, Kidsville, splashpad, parking, concession stands, trails, lighting and pavilions at various City parks.

Proposition B

Street Improvements



The projects in Proposition B will include the reconstruction of three main intersections and streets currently experiencing subgrade and railroad grade issues.

Proposition C

Firefighting Facilities



The project in Proposition C will include the construction of a new Fire Station and Emergency Operations Center (EOC) to replace the existing Fire Station on Camp Wisdom Road, as well as replace the existing EOC.

Proposition D

Municipal Buildings



The project in Proposition D will include the renovation and expansion of the Public Works and Parks Service Center, which was built in 1987. This Center houses five Divisions: Utilities; Traffic Operations; Street Maintenance; Equipment Services; and Parks Maintenance.

Bond Program News

Rotary Park Parking Lot Complete

The first project from the 2018 Bond Program is finished! The Concrete Construction and Repair Crews completed construction of the new parking lot at Rotary Park in July. The new parking lot has 10 regular parking spaces and two ADA spaces, as well as two ADA ramps. To prevent erosion, improve safety and beautify the […]