FY17 Forest Hills #8 Alley Reconstruction

Drainage improvements and reconstruction of the alley between Flamingo Way and Granada Drive (from North Alexander Avenue to South Cockrell Hill Road) are underway.  This subdivision was built approximately 45 years ago.  Drainage is being improved to provide capacity for a 100-year storm event, and the alley pavement is being replaced with a more durable reinforced concrete pavement to better withstand trash truck loads.  The construction contract was awarded to Muniz Construction, Inc. of Dallas for $273,965.00 on September 4, 2018.  Construction began in November 2018 and is scheduled for summer 2019 completion.

FY17 Water Utility Improvements

Water line improvements were completed on West Vinyard Road, West Daniel Street and West Nance Street on July 2, 2018. The service lines were built in the 1940s, making them approximately 75 years old. A total of 1,205 linear feet of 2-inch cast iron water pipe was replaced with 8-inch PVC water line from Main Street to Avenue C.  La Banda LLC of Dallas completed the construction.  The total project cost, including design and testing, was $211,310.08.